Intelligent Perception Lab

The Intelligent Perception Lab is dedicated to the research of perceiving the environment, the behaviors of human in the environment, and the states of the organs inside human body, in a contactless way, to empower smart life.


  • The Intelligent Perception Lab has several openings (Postdocs, Associate Researchers, Researchers) in the area of multimodal intelligent perception. The candidate should have a strong track record in signal processing, wireless communications, computer vision, or artificial intelligence. Interested candidates can contact me at eecyan AT

  • The Intelligent Perception Lab is always looking for highly motivated graduate and undergraduate students to conduct research in the field of multimodal intelligent perception. If you are interested, please send an email to eecyan AT

Led by Professor Yan Chen, the Intelligent Perception (IP) Lab of University of Science and Technology of China has been working on various aspects of intelligent perception, including:

  • Multimodal Sensing and Imaging

  • Multimedia Signal Processing

  • Wireless Multimedia

  • Digital Health